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cuisine âge 3

Cuisine Age 3: training and coaching of cooks serving seniors.

An authentic catering driving enjoyment and health of seniors regardless of texture: boiled eggs and toast fingers, modified textures dishes to eat with knife and fork, simmered meat, regional recipes ...

Cuisine Age 3 solutions
Kitchen Age 3 assists the professional caterers to reconcile joys of eating and nutrition:
- Intakes concentrated to optimize the nutrient density of food
- Powered flavours to fight against the loss of taste due to disease or old age
- Colors to stimulate the senses
- Authentic shapes for texture modified dishes
- Fun for fighting against the loss of desire
- Traditional recipes and genuine products

Trainers Cuisine Age 3
- A training driven by cooks experts in catering for seniors
- A training including molecular cooking (trainer graduated from the University ADRIA F) and low temperature cooking
- Courses incorporating the results of research in laboratory from the EC6 group cooks
- An expertise in catering for people with Alzheimer's disease in particular for the manufacture of food to eat by hand.

The benefits of training Cuisine Age 3
- A possible 25% reduction in the rate of severe malnutrition (criteria HAS)
- Reducing food waste 20% (regulatory requirement)
- Optimization of expenditure of raw materials for a better performance pleasure and nutrition
- The manufacture of modified texture dishes without increasing production time

Find expertise EC6 - Download the brochure : "The training and support of cooks for authentic catering driving enjoyment and health of seniors regardless of texture."

cuisine âge 3
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